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The quality of my photos and services has always been and will always be my top priority. I spend a significant amount of time editing every photo I take until it’s perfect. However, I believe my perfectionism brings out the best level of quality in my work. Whether it’s a live shot or a promotional photo, I treat everything with the greatest care and always give 100% commitment. I do everything I can to have a good relationship with the clients and bands that I work with. With the experience I want to bring to my clients, I always aim to have my photos delivered the next-day, which I believe helps me stay professional and represents my services well to the people that I work with.


Following are some reviews from clients about their experience of working with me

Jorden Mclaughlin Photography shooting

with Oz & The Kryds

Reviews from Musicians & Promoters

“Jorden is always a pleasure to work with and is always able to capture the raucous nature of our live shows without fail! Her editing skills are second to none and provides such a variety of shots - intimate to insane. A true talent and i look forward to continue working with her in the future!”


Otto Balfour - Freakouts

"Jorden is quite simply AWESOME! She always, without fail, manages to capture the very essence of what we are about live. She is amazing at (through her photos) capturing every moment of what a live performance is about and does that with style! Not only is Jorden an amazing photographer but she is also a true music fan who supports the emerging local scenes and always makes an effort to promote it!


Jamie Giarraputo - Brightlight City / Undead Collective Records

"Jorden has constantly provided us with great services. her photo style perfectly adheres to our personalities and always leaves us excited for the next show, knowing we'll have the perfect promotional material."

Oz Powell - Oz & The Kryds


'Jorden has photographed at several of my music events, I have always found her friendly, helpful and reliable. Her photography skills have improved immensely over the past year and I am very impressed by the level of skill she has reached now producing some excellent photographs. Proof that dedication and practice pay off'

Chris Shepherd - Jasta 11 Gigs & Promotions

“Both occasions where Burned For Heresy have worked with Jorden she has been professional yet enjoyable to work with, you can tell that this is something shes incredibly passionate about and wants to do as a career, all the photos that we’ve gotten as a band have been incredibly good quality and exactly what we wanted, 100% would recommend Jorden to anyone”

Yog Marshall - Burned For Heresy